How to Dress Your Child for a Winter Day

The hints to winter’s fast approach are inevitable, as the refreshing green of summer turns into beautiful colours of autumn. But, it is no secret that with autumn come the cold temperatures of winter, and that can be dangerous, exposing children to harsh illnesses and symptoms. As a parent, it is important to keep your child healthy during the year, which means dressing your child(ren) appropriately in correspondence to the changing weather.

The following article was produced by a former teacher who provides instruction on dressing children for those cold winter days.

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Things You'll Need:

  • T-shirts or thermal underwear
  • cotton, wool, or synthetic shirts & blouses
  • knee socks, leggings, hose, or thermal underwear
  • wool socks
  • closed shoes
  • sweater and/or coat
  • gloves


1. The outside air is freezing or below and inside the classroom is toasty warm. Children must remove coats and sweaters inside the classroom or risk over-heating. With most children changing classes several times a day, it becomes difficult for them to keep up with their winter clothes. How they dress will minimize keeping up with heavy over-coats. The first step is to layer the clothes your child wears.

2. All children should wear a cotton T-shirt or thermal shirt underneath a cotton shirt or blouse. Cotton breathes, allowing air to circulate and to keep your child from over-heating. Layering helps block freezing air from penetrating clothes. Cotton is less apt to cause perspiring, which becomes dangerous when a child must next spend time in freezing weather.

3. The lighter the material that pants, slacks, or jeans are made of, the better it is to have your child wear thermal underwear, hose, leggings, or knee socks underneath.

4. With a good foundation of under garments and warm, but not heavy and bulky top clothes, your child should be fairly warm on the playground or walking to the cafeteria while wearing a light sweater, either pull-over or button-down. Once inside, if your child is too warm, he need only remove his sweater and tie it around his waist. He does not have a heavy coat to deal with or to forget and leave at school.

5. If your child prefers a coat, do not buy heavy down or thick, bulky coats. They end up on the classroom floor, kicked to the back wall, and eventually forgotten. A knee-length, cotton, lined coat will keep your child warm, yet it is still easy to tie around the waist.

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