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The Digital Influence On Canadian Youth

Technology is changing so quickly that as a parent, it’s sometimes challenging to keep up with the digital environment. With the evolution of the digital space, it’s more important than ever to keep up with your child’s digital literary skills, their usage of technology and the potential for cyber bullying. A new study released by MediaSmarts, a Canadian not-for-profit organization for digital and media literacy, on youth and media, contains statistics meant to provide a look inside the influence of media on Canadian youth.

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Pink Shirt Day

This year Pink Shirt Day falls on February 26, 2014. It is a movement meant to create a greater sense of the impact bullying has in the school environment. Regardless of which school your child attends, bullying is almost always a high parental concern. 


Recent studies have placed Canada in sixth place among 38 countries for the highest rate of bullying for girls in the junior high age-range. Another Canadian statistic shows that twelve percent of kids are bullied regularly. Social media and technology are also leading to increased cyber bullying numbers. Do you know what your kids are doing online? For more information on Anti-bullying legislation in Canada visit our blog.

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Annual Alberta Teacher Convention

The months of February and March mark the time when numerous teachers come together to shape the way our educational society will sustain and progress in the future. The value of education that our teachers provide our children is immeasurable. With the dynamic economy and evolving technology, the annual winter convention serves to cut through the noise and find solutions to the changing educational landscape. Sometimes parents do not always see the clear objective of these types of events, but the purpose behind the convention merits reason for why they continue to exist.

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3 Tips For Parents: Children & Social Skills

Technology has an impact on the current landscape of children and their social skills. With numerous social-networking sites out there, your child can have thousands of friends online without having to leave their home or open their mouth. Be aware of what your kids are doing online and strive to incorporate offline time into their schedules to help them develop their sense of self.

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3 Things To Teach Your Child About Love

Children should learn about love from their family. Being a good parent doesn’t depend on giving your child everything, instead, showing them what love means. It’s important to teach them that love does not come from material possessions. They need to be shown love, both in your actions and behavior for them to get an effective grasp on what it means to love. Love dwells in each of us and it’s important to show that to your child. Tell them you love them at any moment you can.

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5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Watch More TV

Does allowing your child to watch higher quality television programs influence their learning habits in school? Studies suggest that this educational television time does in fact improve your child’s school performance. In some cases, it’s not about turning off the TV, but rather changing the channel to give your child the most benefit from television viewing.

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Why Alternative Schools May Be Better For Your Child

Alternative or “non traditional” schools can be stigmatized as a move away from the normality that many think characterize the traditional school system. A private school would be considered an alternative school, as it is untraditional in the sense. Alternative or private schools are especially popular for kids of parents that went to traditional schools and did not see it benefit them in any manner. Most parents view private schools as a chance for their child to get the extra edge needed to succeed.

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Chewing Gum In School

Gum has been banned in schools across the country for quite some time now. The reasoning behind this often due to the difficultly of removing it from carpet, hair and the bottom of desk, not to mention the distraction of gum cracking and blowing bubbles. Today, a great number of schools have gum chewing fully banned while others completely support this behavior. A developing group of research supports the movement towards a gum-positive classroom setting, as the numbers of benefits are quite impressive.


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Your Child Online: The Pros and Cons

Technology and the Internet have become a part of our everyday lives. From smartphones to tablets, we are connected 24/7. As the technology continues to evolve, it is also becoming increasingly easy for children to have access to the Internet, making it more difficult to monitor their online activities. The Internet may seem daunting, but it also has some positive qualities.  

The Cons

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Sleeping Disorders: What are they and how do you treat them?

G3HVNENC9HG9 Are your kids getting enough sleep every night? Some of the most common problems affecting kids occur when they go to bed. Many children are affected with sleeping disorders that cause them to be sleep-deprived throughout the day. To easily diagnose if your child is sleep deprived, look at how easily they fall asleep, wake up, and how tired they are during the day. If any of these factors are affecting your child’s energy levels, treatment is available to help remedy the issue.

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