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Guide to Schools is an online resource for parents, students and teachers regarding education in Canada.

Why Advertise With Guide to Schools:

Guide to Schools is a unique and objective guide to selecting a school within Canada. We assist families by providing extensive comparative data charts and school profiles that will give parents the necessary information to maximize their child’s education. The magazine allows parents to discover descriptive articles on private, charter, religious, language and special needs schools with the objective of guiding them to make the right choice for their child’s specific educational needs. Since 2005, Guide to Schools has provided educational tips and information to students, parents and teachers living in Canada. What do we offer that other platforms don't?
  • Targeted Market - Guide to Schools offers advertisers a highly targeted method of reaching parents, students and teachers.
  • Editorial Integrity - Our editorial integrity ensures that advertisements are always viewed alongside the context of a highly regarded, quality content. Our digital platform and magazine are seen in such a favourable light contributes positively to how an advertiser's message is received by our readers.
  • Local Content - The tailored content within each digital post and published annual magazine ensures that our content remains locally relevant to readers.
  • Credibility - Guide to Schools is well established in the marketplace and highly respected by readers and our current roster of advertisers.
  • Cost Effective - With strong, relevant editorial, we provide advertisers with a cost effective means of targeting the parent, student and teacher markets.

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