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How to Identify and Handle a Cyber bully

Bullying is a pressing issue for children of all ages, both online and off. Bullying is a big deal; more than 70% of kids say that they have been affected by cyber bullying. Here are some tips for identifying and dealing with a cyber bully. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted...

Skill Development

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Skill Building by Subject

A child’s brain starts to develop long before they are born and continues to rapidly advance within the first several years of their life, making it the best time for parents to structure a home environment that instills learning and acknowledges the child’s role and...


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School Bus Safety

Keeping Children Safe on the School Bus Nationwide, millions of students begin their school day riding the school bus. School buses are one of the safest means of transportation and, as parents, you entrust that the lives of your children are being handled safely by the driver...

Parent Council – Benefits of Being Involved

Ever wondered what the PAC (parent advisory council) or parent council references were in your child’s agenda? A parent council is a monthly or bi-monthly meeting hosted by parents for parents. In each case teachers and administrators attend these meetings but the council is...